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7 Wonders Symbol Guide


7 Wonders Symbol GuideOne of my favorite games is 7 Wonders by Asmodee Games. If you haven’t played it yet, bet sure to check out our glowing review of it. The game plays in under 45 minutes, scales perfectly from 3-7 players, is easy to learn and has some unique game mechanics. It’s no wonder it is one of the highest reviewed games on Board Game Quest.

That being said, one of the hardest things for a new player to learn is what all the symbols mean. Every card contains symbols that aren’t always intuitive. After a game or so they should be second nature to everyone, but even I will still have to look some up. It would have been nice if Asmodee had included a 7 Wonders player aid but alas, they didn’t.

To help out with that I’ve created a symbol guide for 7 wonders. Even experienced players can benefit from this cheat sheet. The guide is updated to cover the base game plus the cities and leaders expansions. I also tried to make it small enough so it wouldn’t take up too much table space.

With that goal in mind, the guide is meant to be printed front-to-back, so if you have a duplex printer it will be really easy. For those of you that don’t just print one side and reinsert the paper into the printer the other direction. Print the sheet out on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper and cut along the crop lines. I laminated mine, but that’s certainly not necessary. I hope you find it useful.

You can click here to download the 7 Wonders Symbol Guide.

Update 8/1/15: If you’d like a copy of the player aid for 7 Wonders: Babel I designed, you can download it here.



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  1. Nice! Yeah, some of the b-side symbols are hilariously confusing. I just bought a copy and it did come with a 1-page symbol guide too, but this is nice to have the cities and leaders on the same sheet. Thanks, Tony!

  2. Very much appreciated. My gaming group will often have at least one new person. Going back and forth between the rule books is a real drag on time and fun – this will really help us out!

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