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Twilight Imperium Turns into a Roll and Write


Twilight InscriptionToday, Fantasy Flight announced the upcoming release of their first roll and write game and boy is it a big one. They chose none other than the classic 4x game Twilight Imperium to get this transformation. For those not familiar with it, Twilgiht Imperium is an epic scifi game of exploration and expansion where you take your fledgling civilization across the galaxy. Games of Twilight Imperium are known for clocking in at around 8 hours, so it’s quite the experience.

So how exactly are they making this game a roll and write without just pasting on the theme? Well, game designer James Kniffen definitely didn’t skimp on the rules. Cleverly named Twilight Inscription, it comes with no less 24 unique player races and each player uses a whopping 4 different sheets during the game: Navigation, Expansion, Industry, and Warfare. These sheets will not only be dry erase, but there are also 8 different versions of them. This allows for different setups for each player. Between the unique civs and the variations of the main sheets, that’s a lot of replay value in the game. Although FFG also notes that there is also an option for symmetrical setups for players desiring that.

Twilight Inscription

Much like the game it’s based on, Twilight Inscription plays up to 8 players, but this version notably has a solo mode as well. There is an AI that will make life hard for you. Your goal will be to progress your civilization as much as possible, while the AI just tries and disrupts your plans as much as possible.

Twilight Inscription is coming this fall and has an MRSP of $65. You can preorder it now on Fantasy Flights’ website.

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