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Kickstarter of the Week: Snitch


Snitch KickstarterLast year, Common Man Games came out with a highly thematic and entering cooperative game called Police Precinct. This game went on to sell out in only a few months and even win a few industry awards. Being no stranger to engaging law enforcement games, the folks at Common Man Games are back with their newest justice-based offering, Snitch. This time, they’ve ditched the cooperation and it’s every player for themselves. At its heart, Snitch is a tile-laying, pick-up, and delivery kind of game. But overall, it uses these mechanics in a way that feels fairly unique.

From the Kickstarter Page:

Snitch ComponentsIn most games that use cubes, they stand for things like Iron/stone/wood/etc, but in SNITCH they represent Information! This “Information” comes from Snitches and ends up with the District Attorney. YOU, the detective, need to go get the info (cubes) and then get it to the DA in the most efficient manner possible. Therein lies the challenge.  It’s fast and furious!

Each player controls their character, which is depicted in the game as a meeple moving about the board, as well as a Detective Tile which indicates the corresponding detective’s ability and how they are using it, meaning which info cubes they posses.

Detectives start the game with a Level I Street Cred (front of tile), but for a price of 5 cubes or 16 Status Points they could be flipped over (upgraded) into the Level II Street Cred position (back of tile).

Snitches work in a similar fashion. Meaning that their location is represented on the board (by a Snitch Marker), while players hold the corresponding Snitch Tile which indicates that Snitch’s ability and how they are using it, meaning which info cubes they posses (see above). Snitches start out in the inactive position (front), and can be upgraded to be active (back). Throughout the game, Detectives are trying to upgrade their character as well as creating a network of active Snitches.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about Snitch and I really hope they make their funding goal. If you are interested in becoming a backer, a $40 pledge will get you a copy of the game and all stretch goals. Snitch is scheduled to be in backers hands in January of 2015. You have until Friday, May 30th to become a backer, so head over today and check it out.
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