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Kickstarters of the Week: 3/20


This was one of the harder weeks to choose our Kickstarters of the Week. Not because the choices were so limited, quite the opposite. We normally try and limit the amount of campaigns we choose (for various reasons), and this week had many quality campaigns finishing up their run. End the end, we’ve chosen the six board games we are most excited about this week. Enjoy!


Roll the dice, feel the buzz, and build your hive!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount:  $24+
Ends: Friday, March 24th

Divinity DerbyDivinity Derby – A racing & betting game of mythic stature!

A party on Mount Olympus turns into a crazy race of legendary creatures. An easy and fun boardgame, rich in strategy and interaction.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $35+

Strawberry NinjaStrawberry Ninja

A true cooperative card game for the whole family! Help the Kitty catch the stealthiest (and tastiest!) Ninja the world has never seen!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $10

Thunderstone QuestThunderstone Quest from AEG

The new version of Mike Elliott’s best-selling Thunderstone deckbuilding game.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $60+

GKR Heavy HittersGKR: Heavy Hitters

The near-future is here, and Earth’s abandoned cities are now battlegrounds for the ultimate spectator sport: GIANT KILLER ROBOTS!

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount: $99+

Dinosaur IslandDinosaur Island

From the designers of Dead of Winter and Titans of Industry: A board game about creating the world’s greatest dinosaur theme park.

Current Status: Funded!
Pledge Amount:  $60+
Ends: Friday, March 24th

While he will play just about anything, Tony loves games that let him completely immerse himself in the theme. He also is a bit of a component addict.

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