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Gridopolis Launches Today on Kickstarter


Gridopolis Review

It was back at the end of May that I posted a review of Gridopolis, a 3D, abstract family game for 2-4 players. I had mentioned that Gridopolis Games took a somewhat unorthodox approach with their premier game and initially did a small print run. They did of course do a full playtesting and collected player feedback before this short run, but they were looking long term.

Their goal was to continue to refine the game by including industry and educational experts feedback as well. The coolest detail in their quest for refinement was that Gridopolis Games was also crowdsourcing player feedback and Grid-Set designs. Players could email feed back to info@gridopolis.games. Again, I wish more companies listened to actual players instead of telling fans that they think they want.

This brings us to today’s board game news, Gridopolis Games is launching their final and refined version on Kickstarter today. If Gridopolis is a game that interests you and your family, then head over to their campaign page and check it out.

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