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  1. John
    John at |

    Mice and Mystics does have great appeal to a much wider audience. I like the theme and as you pointed out it’s the story that really makes the game interesting.

    I was really surprised how the game would shift from feeling like we were doing terribly to being on top of the cheese. Only to barely squeak out a win on the first scenario.

  2. Brad Turner
    Brad Turner at |

    I agree with your article. Nice job. I love the game. It takes a while to play and as we advance, we love it more. My daughter and I have made it to chapter 9 – on the dining room table right now waiting for us. It is a great story and fun to play. We have “tweaked” some of the rules slightly for different scenarios. When we complete the story it will be nice to see expansions or make up a scenario for play.


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