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Review Service and Advertising

If you are looking to get your game reviewed, you’ve come to the right place. Board Game Quest has been publishing reviews every week since the summer of 2012 to thousands of daily visitors.

I’m looking for Advertising Options

Great! We have ad options starting at $30 for a month/campaign. Contact us for full pricing.

I want to get my game reviewed

If you are looking to get your game reviewed see below and see what category you fit in to.

Game Review (Free)

For games that have been published and are currently available for retail sale. There is no charge for this. Just contact us via the contact form and tell us about your game. If it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch with how the process works, which usually boils down to you sending us the game and us reviewing it.

Once again, we never charge for reviews of published games. This includes games from large companies, small companies and even independent designers. We love you all.

Kickstarter/Gamefound Prototype Preview ($350)

As of January 2024, we now charge $350 to preview your prototype game. This charge is for any game that is not currently available for retail sale. Why do we charge for prototype reviews?

Good question. We get a massive volume of requests for Kickstarter previews. Seriously, a lot. If we accepted everyone of these, that would be all we did and our poor reviewers would quickly get burnt out.

To add onto that, the rules are often not complete and the components are usually pretty rough. That’s Ok though. We usually don’t mind, but it can be harder on the players. We also try to play games multiple times with different groups.

Further, we are also publishing the preview based on your time table, not ours. Even if we have to scramble to make your deadlines, we’ll do our best. The review fee helps support the site infrastructure and our hard working reviewers.

Note: The fee goes towards our reviewer’s time and expenses. The actual preview content is solely up to the reviewer and will be completely honest. That being said, if we notice errors or major flaws in a game, we’ll try to point that out to you before publishing.

For previews, we don’t comment on the components, and we will make a note that the rules may not be in their final version. We will also spend more time on explaining how the game is played, while also giving some quick thoughts on the game in its current state.

What you get.

  • A complete preview of your prototype game. Includes photos, detailed how to play section, some brief thoughts on the gameplay in its current form, and a link to your campaign/website.
  • Announcement of the preview to our social media followers on Twitter and Facebook. The announcement will also be sent out to our newsletter subscribers.
  • Free standard banner ad (provided by you) during your campaign and a discount off higher cost ones.

If you are looking to get your prototype preview for a Kickstarter campaign, we do ask that you contact us as far in advance (more than a month) of your campaign’s launch date as possible. It can sometimes take several weeks for shipping, testing, writing and posting, and it’s really hard for us to properly test your game if your campaign has already started.

If you have any questions about Kickstarter/Gamefound previews, or would like to see about getting your prototype previewed, you can contact us here.