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Valkyrie Hero Pack Set To Join Marvel Champions Universe


ValkyrieThe steady stream of releases for Fantasy Flight’s Marvel Champions LCG is showing no signs of slowing down. Recently we saw the announcement The Hood scenario pack and today brings us a new offering, this time for the heroes. Joining the likes of Venom, Star Lord, War Machine, and Dr. Strange comes Valkyrie herself. The 16th (by my quick count) hero pack for the game first appearing in Defenders #4. Brunnhilde is both a member of Asgard and an Avenger. So what else can she do?

From the announcement page:

“With a pre-built Aggression deck ready to go, you can take a stab at Valkyrie’s dueling-focused gameplay from the moment you open the box. With strong attacks and plenty of stat boosts, this is one Asgardian that you won’t want to mess with! As a “chooser of the slain,” Valkyrie’s playstyle revolves around marking her enemies for death. This is represented with her special signature upgrade, Death-Glow (Valkyrie, 2), which starts the game set aside out of play.

While in her hero form, Valkyrie (Valkyrie, 1A) can play Death-Glow as if it’s in her hand. She can attach it to any enemy she wants, marking them as her next foe to vanquish. If you mark a minion, then Valkyrie can ready for free after she defeats that minion. Combine that with the effects of cards like Valhalla (Valkyrie, 4), and Valkyrie can build up some serious minion-slaying momentum.”


Valkyrie appears to be a solid minion slayer for the game. She also has a respectable health pool of 12 and a hero hand size of 5. Once more details on her deck is released, I’m sure we’ll get some solid builds for this warrior.

You can preorder Valkyrie today at the Asmodee shop or your FLGS of choice. She’s set to hit gamers’ tables in November this year.

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