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Upcoming Board Game Releases Round Up


Over the past week or so there have been a number of upcoming board games announced from various publishers. To save you some time, I’ve gathered the news into one spot here. I’ll save the preamble for another time, and just get right to the good stuff!

Undaunted Battle of Britain

Undaunted: Battle of Britain

Coming from Osprey Games, Undaunted is the newest lineup in their smash hit Undaunted Series. This award-winning deck-building game rocketed onto the scene with Undaunted: Normandy. Hot on the heels of that came Undaunted: North Africa, which took place in a new theater of war (and added vehicles!). Then Undaunted: Reinforcements added a much-requested solo pack (and expansions for the first two games). Last year brought us the first campaign game in Undaunted: Stalingrad (winner of our award for the Best Card Game of 2022). Well, it looks like designers David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin aren’t finished yet, as today, Osprey Games announced the upcoming release of Undaunted: Battle of Britain. Releasing in June this year, you’ll now be able to take to the skies and dogfight with your opponent.

“The RAF faces the Luftwaffe in this two-player deckbuilding game of aerial WWII combat.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain is a standalone game in the Undaunted series, adapting the core gameplay of the previous games to recreate the dynamic dogfighting of aerial combat. Maintain cohesion between your pilots, evade anti-aircraft artillery, and leverage talented aces to win the battle for the skies!”

You can preorder it here on Osprey’s website for £40.00.


Good Omens

Good Omens – An Ineffable Game

Publisher Renegade Games, who’s not stranger to licensed games, has announced the newest IP they are basing a game on. In a partnership with Amazon, they will be releasing Good Omens: An Ineffable Game. Based on the Amazon TV series, which incidentally, is based on a book itself, will be coming to stores on June 5th.

“In Good Omens: An Ineffable Game players will call upon characters, both much-loved and deeply-loathed, in order to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fight Heaven, Vanquish Hell, and even prevent Armageddon. The battle games are easy to learn but pack a challenge for any group, and each is themed around the confrontations that take place at the conclusion of Good Omens Season 1.

Renegade will be producing three versions of Good Omens: An Ineffable Game, each with their own unique box art and bonus items, but all feature the same great gameplay! The Amazon exclusive version will include 12 foil versions of the character cards in the game. The Barnes & Noble exclusive version includes a Heaven & Hell-themed black and silver embroidered Good Omens dice bag, while the Hobby Market exclusive includes an Agnes Nutter Book of Prophecies-themed dice bag, in a luxurious green with gold embroidery.”

From the first look, the gameplay appears to be a cooperative battler using cards and dice. All have an MSRP of $25. You can preorder it here on Renegade Website.


Ticket to Ride Berlin

Ticket to Ride: Berlin

I’d be shocked if you haven’t heard about the Ticket to Ride series by now. Alan Moon’s train game debuted in 2004 and has sold millions of copies and spawned countless expansions. In 2018, he then brought us Ticket to Ride: New York, which distilled an already light game down to a quick 15-minute play experience. That was then followed up by Ticket to Ride: London with a similar gameplay feel. The next in the series will be arriving this September in the form of Ticket to Ride: Berlin.

“In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride® game, players compete to visit the city’s most iconic locations while making efficient use of the various modes of transportation available in the German capital.

Exclusive to Ticket to Ride Berlin, a new rule twist introduces two different piece types – streetcars and subways – offering a new and exciting challenge for both beginners and seasoned players.“

You can preorder it here on Asmodee’s website for $24.99.



Marvel Champions: Angel

Last week saw the announcement of the newest character pack for Fantasy Flight Games’ Marvel Champions Living Card Game. Warren Worthington III, better known as Angel (and later Archangel) will give players the third hero that has three different forms to choose from (and uses an oversized foldable card). The first two being Ant-Man and Wasp.

With Angel, you can transform from his alter ego Warren to Angel, and also Archangel. As you might expect, Angel has a lot of powers that trigger off the Arial trait. He comes with a prebuilt Protection deck and will release in September alongside Psylocke.

You can preorder it here on Asmodee’s website for $16.99.


Star Wars Unlimited

First Look at Star Wars: Unlimited

Staying with Fantasy Flight Games, they recently announced a new collectible card game called Star Wars: Unlimited. Up until now, not much was known about this card game. The goal of the game, much like their Star Wars Deckbuilding Game, is to destroy your opponent’s base before they destroy yours. From the release:

“Each round consists of you and your opponent alternating back and forth, performing a single action each turn. Almost everything you do in the game is an action, such as playing a card, attacking with a unit, activating an ability, etc. Figuring out which action to use at a given time is a huge part of the game’s strategy, and since your opponent can potentially respond to anything you do with their action, each round is dynamic and impossible to predict!”

They’ve since trickled out a bit more information on their Star Wars Unlimited website. Hop over there if you want to get some basics on the gameplay, as well as organized play.

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