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Unmatched: Battle of Legends: Vol. 2, Thunder Road Vendetta Highlight Restoration Games Latest Updates


Restoration Games provided an update via live stream this week on a variety of ongoing projects in the works this week, including another Unmatched set, Return to the Dark Tower, Key to the Kingdom and Thunder Road Vendetta.

Unmatched Getting Four New Characters in Second Battle of Legends Box

Unmatched Volume 22021 is already a big year for fans of Unmatched, with four sets of Marvel characters set to start releasing in the summer and a separate Deadpool pack that’s available for pre-order through Mondo Games. The first Unmatched: Battle of Legends four-character lineup debuted in 2019 and since then, there have been seven new boxes published, introducing a variety new heroes. In Q4 2021, we’ll finally get to see the second volume of Unmatched: Battle of Legends series, which adds four more characters to the universe. Here’s what the new box will include:

  • Yennega
  • Achilles
  • Sun Wukong
  • Bloody Mary

Restoration Games also teased a Digital Edition of Unmatched in partnership with ACRAM Digital.

Thunder Road Vendetta

Thunder RoadOriginally released in 1986, Thunder Road is getting a makeover in the form of Thunder Road Vendetta set to hit Kickstarter in October 2021. Here’s a little background on the new version via Board Game Geek:

“This version features exciting new additions, including random hazard tokens, such as wrecks, oil slicks, and more. Damage isn’t merely one and done. Now, you’ll draw damage tokens with exciting effects that can send your car careening across the board. You’ll also have more choices on your turn, assigning one of your dice to your command board to repair damage, nitro boost, or send out your attack copter to fire away.

Instead of the plain road of the original game, Thunder Road Vendetta will feature mud, ramps, mines, obstacles, fire, a giant bunker in the middle of the road, and more thanks to the double-sided tiles.”

Key to the Kingdom

Keys to the KingdomDuring Gen Con 2019, Restoration Games announced that they’d be restoring Key to the Kingdom, a 1990 game from Paul Bennett. Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley are spearheading the game’s redesign, which is labeled “coming soon”… so no timetable for this one yet. Here’s some info on how the new version compares to the 1990 release:

“The new version of Key to the Kingdom features the classic “hole-in-the-board” mechanism to hop through portals and explore the Demon King’s domain. This new version gives players greater control over the whims of the dice. You’ll use your collection of items to tweak your rolls. But make sure you have the right item ready when you go on an adventure to give you an easier path through. You’ll get magic items and companions along the way as well. It also adds a new endgame in which you need to face a series of mini-challenges to win the game.”

Other notes from Restoration Games:

  • The 1992 Card game Buried Treasure is being brought back to life in the form of Berried Treasure. In this game, 2-5 players take turns drafting cards to collect four types of desserts.
  • The President of Restoration Games is exploring a storage solution for Unmatched and its many expansions.
  • Releasing in Target this August is a special edition of Wolfgang Kramer’s game Aside from a few production changes, the game will be almost identical to the original.
  • Also coming to Target will be a streamlined version of Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-kar. It will be sold under the name Fireball Island: Race to Adventure
  • Return to the Dark Tower’s mass production is underway, with fulfillment beginning in the next couple of months ideally.
  • Crossbows and Catapults, a 1983 game from Ray Figard and Henri Sala, will have a new edition coming by Stephen Baker, who has designed games that include HeroQuest and Battle Masters. It will come to Kickstarter in 2022

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