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Top 10 Games My Kids are Playing Right Now


Ever since my kids were old enough (it was around age 4 for both), we’ve played board games as a family. Yes, most starting games were definitely the bad kind of kid games with a pasted on theme and overly repetitive play that was rather mind-numbing. As my son and daughter have gotten older, ages 6 and 10 respectively, their tastes in games have moved past those terrible themes into deeper games that challenge them physically and mentally.

Today, we’re going to look at the Top 10 Games My Kids are Playing Right Now. Both kids worked together and have ranked the 10 games that are currently in their gaming rotation. Please keep in mind some of the games’ age ranges do exceed that of my 6 year old. We did need to coach him at first, but after multiple plays, he no longer needs our help. He’s a smart kid and I’m sure yours are as well so use the age ranges as a guide. If the game is of interest, then give it a try and don’t be scared off if it’s a few years above their age.

Top 10 Games My Kids are Playing Right Now

Honorable Mention: Rhino Hero (review)

Rhino HeroTo be honest, Rhino Hero would have been in the top 5 game on this list a year ago. Unfortunately my kids do still like this game but it just missed the cut since they have played this a ton. This is a dexterity card stacking game where you will be moving the Rhino Hero token and building a tower of cards. The only issue that likely put this off their list was that we’ve played a few times where we ran out of cards and there was no winner. This is rare, but can happen in this fun game. An expansion would help this game make their top 10.

2-5 Players • Ages 5+ • 5-15 minutes • $10Get Your Copy



10. Monza

MonzaMonza is a fun dice racing game that my son loves and my daughter likes… begrudgingly. The game can be somewhat repetitive for her because you roll dice every turn, and then follow the colors indicated, planning out your path on the race track. There is some decision making for players because you can take the colors in any order and there are multiple paths on the track. My son loves Monza, but I ranked it lower because my daughter is not as excited about it.

2-6 Players • Ages 5+ • 10 minutes • $20Get Your Copy



9. Blokus

BlokusBlokus is the rare abstract strategy game that my kids both enjoy. The game centers around a large grid that each player will place Tetris-shaped transparent tiles. What I like about Blokus is that it tests my kid’s spatial relationship skills because players place tiles that are touching at least one corner of the same color tile and not adjacent. This game makes them think and plan. Much to my surprise, they really like to play it, so as a parent I cannot complain. If you want a game that makes your kids think, then give Blokus a try.

2-4 Players • Ages 5+ • 20 minutes • $15Get Your Copy



8. Animal Upon Animal (review)

Animal Upon AnimalAnimal Upon Animal was the first dexterity game that my kids played. In their younger years, this was their go to game almost every time. As they’ve grown, it’s not played as much but still makes its way to the table nonetheless. Like most HABA games, the pieces are super kid friendly and made for big and small hands alike. The game is easy to learn and master. Now, winning is the challenge because you roll the die and following which animal to stack on the crocodile. Animal Upon Animal is a great kids gateway game for dexterity games or other kid games.

2-4 Players • Ages 4+ • 15 minutes • $20Get Your Copy



7. Click Clack Lumberjack (review)

Click Clack LumberjackClick Clack Lumberjack is a fun dexterity game where players use a plastic axe to move a treelike tower trying only to remove the bark, all the while trying not to topple the whole thing. This game version is exactly like Toc Toc Woodman Second Edition. The only change was the addition of grub stickers that are applied to the inside of the bark pieces. The game is fairly light, but my kids love it because they are very good at it and my wife and I are not. This is a great gateway dexterity game that’s easy to learn and, after a few plays, your kids should be able to win and have fun.

2-7 Players • Ages 5+ • 10 minutes • $20Get Your Copy



6. Chicken Cha Cha Cha

Chicken Cha ChaChicken Cha Cha Cha is a unique memory game where your chicken will circle picture titles. The goal is to jump other chickens and collect their tail feathers. This is the one game in our family collection that my wife and I have never won. My kids DESTROY us each time we play Chicken Cha Cha Cha and this is likely the reason that this game has made their list. The irony is that now when my wife and I play, both kids encourage us as we try (and I stress try) to move around the tiles.

2-4 Players • Ages 4+ • 20 minutes • $20Get Your Copy



5. PitchCar Mini

Pitch Car MiniPitchCar Mini is my son’s favorite racing game and, to be honest, one of mine as well. It’s a dexterity game where you flick your car token around a race course. The track is made up of modular track pieces and so the amount of variety in the courses is sky-high. I don’t think we’ve played the same course more than three times (no lie). There are two expansions for PitchCar Mini that adds ramps, crisis-crosses, and more track pieces so the course can get pretty elaborate. If you love dexterity and racing games with almost unlimited course options, then this is a game to check out.

2-8 Players • Ages 6+ • 30 minutes • $50Get Your Copy



4. Coconuts (review)

Coconuts BoxCoconuts is my daughter’s go to dexterity game. The game’s concept is simple, use your Monkey Launcher to fling rubber coconuts into cups. The first to collect a pyramid of six is the winner. The game comes with cards, but we don’t use them because they don’t really add to the game. My daughter loves Coconuts because she’s freakishly good at it. She’s won more times that I’ve cared to admit. If you’re looking for a fun game that all family members can enjoy, then check out Coconuts.

2-4 Players • Ages 6+ • 20 minutes • $25Get Your Copy



3. Terror in Meeple City –formerly Rampage (review)

RampageTerror in Meeple City has been one of my kids most played games for the last few years. In this dexterity game, players use giant monster tokens to destroy a city and gobble up its meeple inhabitants. The player who ate the most sets of meeples and caused the most destruction wins. While my kids love to set the city up (which can take about ten minutes), they love destroying it even more. Terror in Meeple City goes against my parenting views by rewarding my kids for destroying something, but that’s the point of the game, so who am I to argue.

2-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 45 minutes • $60Get Your Copy



2. Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

SurviveSurvive: Escape from Atlantis! is an oldie but a goodie. This was the first point allocation game for my kids and they loved it out of the gates. The rules are straight-forward: you divide your points to move your ten meeples with a range value of 1-6. The goal is to get your meeples off a sinking island by boat or by swimming to the mainland. The player with the most points from survivors wins. Survive: Escape from Atlantis! also includes a cut-throat aspect that my kids loved (maybe too much). It allows players to move sharks, whales and sea serpents to topple boats and gobble up other player’s meeples. Yes, there’s a lot of ganging up on Mom and Dad, but that’s ok because we’re making next generation gamers!

2-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 30-40 minutes • $30Get Your Copy



1. Karuba (review)

KarubaSince I bought Karuba at Gen Con last 2016, this is by far my kid’s favorite game right now. The theme, the level of strategy, and overall title laying mechanics keeps my kids coming back for more. Karuba was one of the first mid-level strategy games that my kids ever played. Most kids games lack strategy and planning, but Karuba makes my children think. As a parent, I enjoy watching their wheels turn as they plan how to best place their titles and move their explorers to get the best treasures. It’s easy to see why Karuba was nominated for a Spiel des Jahres award, which usually makes the game a must to check out for me.

2-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 30-40 minutes • $25Get Your Copy



There you have it, the Top Ten Games My Kids are Playing Right Now. Are there other games my kids and family should try? Let us know in the comments below.

Brian enjoys trying all types of craft beer and all kinds of board games but gravitates toward adventure, co-op, family, and social games.


  1. Wow, we have 6 of those! Will have to check out the others. THe kids also play Dino Race, and The Whirly Cat in the Hat Game

  2. Try Cheating Moth, Cockroach Poker, No Thanks, Risk Legacy (just using the 1st time play rules). My kids (5 and 8) loved these games.

  3. i have 5 kids, they love to play heroquest, risk, catan, 7 wonders, worldfair 1893, stone age, forbidden desert, quoridor, dixit, splendor, castle mad ludwig, flashpoint, pandemic and sushi go.

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