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Kickstarter of the Week: Tiny Epic Kingdoms


Tiny-Epic-KingdomsAs much as I enjoy a good 4x game, I rarely get a chance to play them because they usually take 2-4 hours. Taking your fledgling civilization from their meager beginnings into a thriving empire is rarely a quick affair. At least until now. Our newest Kickstarter of the Week is Tiny Epic Kingdoms. This new offering from Gamelyn Games seeks to take the 4x experience and dial it down to fit into your pocket. Players will be exploring, researching, building and doing all the things you might expect to do in a civilization game, but on a smaller scale.

From the Kickstarter Page:

Tiny-Epic-Kingdoms-ContentIn Tiny Epic Kingdoms, you are a tiny kingdom with big ambitions. You want to expand your population throughout the realms, learn powerful magic, build grand towers, and have your neighbors quiver in fear at the mention of your name. The conflict? All of the other kingdoms want the same thing and there’s not enough room for everyone to succeed…

Each player starts with a unique faction, a small territory, and a technology tree to grant them unique faction-specific magical abilities as the game progresses. Players will collect resources, explore other territories, battle each other, research magic, and work to build a great tower to protect their realm. The final round of the game is triggered when a player maxes out either their Magic Level, Population, or Tower.

One of the best things about Tiny Epic Kingdoms, aside from its portability, is its price. A pledge of $16 will get you a copy of the game and all stretch goals. Their Kickstarter campaign has already hit its funding goal and has already blasted its way through their first 15 stretch goals (at the time of this writing). The game is scheduled to be in backers hands in September of 2014 and you have until Saturday, Feb 8th to become a backer. So head over today and check them out.
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