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Kickstarter of the Week: These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs


 These French Fries Are Terrible Hot DogsI love a good party game. Something unique or new that can replace the old standbys that people are used to. I’ve had my fill of Pictionary and Catchphrase, so when I come across a clever party game, it immediately piques my interest. These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs is our newest Kickstarter of the Week and also what looks to be a great party game. The game seems to be very easy to play and should make for an entertaining evening.

From the Kickstarter Page:

During each round of the game, one person will act as the Judge and will take a card from the deck and place it face up. That card is the Target Card. Everyone else then takes a card from their hand and places that card face down. Next, each player must try and convince the Judge that their card is the Target Card by using true information about the card that they just placed down.

FrenchfriesLet’s say Bob is the Judge, and he flips over the Target Card “Hot Dogs.” Susan then decides to player her “French Fries” card and places it face down. During her pitch, she can say:

“Well, mine’s really good plain, but people usually put toppings on it, like ketchup. Others might add chili or cheese. Oh, and you really don’t want to eat it cold, it’s much better warm.”

Once everyone is finished making their pitch, the Judge picks the person who they feel had the best pitch, and declares that person the winner of the round.

It almost feels like a clever spin on Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity (both very fun games). These French Fries Are Terrible Hot Dogs has already met its funding goal and is well on its way to unlocking quite a few stretch goals. If you’d like to become a backer, a $25 pledge will get a copy of the game and any applicable stretch goals. The game is scheduled to be in backer’s hands in July of 2014 and you have until
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