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Rebel Transport for X-Wing Miniatures now available


X-Wing Minis Rebel TransportAt Gen Con 2013, Fantasy Flight Games showed off their new Rebel Transport and Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner ships. These immediately caught people’s attention because of their massive size compared to the other X-Wing Minis ships. As awesome as these ships looked, they were nowhere close to being available, so we all had to wait…impatiently. Finally though, the wait is over…at least half of it. The Rebel Transport is now available for purchase. This huge ship clocks in at an MSRP of $60, but wow does it look impressive. 

X-Wing Rebel Transport

In addition to dwarfing the standard ships that come with X-Wing minis, the Rebel Transport has its own maneuver template. This should give the transport its own unique feel when flying it around the battlefield. Also, Fantasy Flight Games introduce a new “Energy” game mechanic for use with these capitol ships. This new mechanic adds another level to the game play as players must now decide how to spend the energy they generate each turn. Do they use it to recharge shields or to power upgrades? In addition to the transport, the expansion pack also comes with a custom painting X-Wing miniature.

X-Wing Energy Cards

Fans of the Star Wars movies will recall that these transports were used in the escape from the ice planet Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back movie. Fantasy Flight Games has already announced that this particular scenario will now be playable with the Rebel Transport. In any case, the ship looks awesome and I can’t wait to mix it in with our massive X-Wing Miniatures battles. More news about the transport is available from Fantasy Flight Games.

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