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Pandemic Scenario 1: Isolation Released


Pandemic Box CoverPandemic, the fantastic cooperative game from Z-Man Games, has just gotten better. If you haven’t heard about it yet then be sure to check out our full Pandemic review. For those that have already been cutting their teeth in this hard-to-win game for a while, you are about to get some more mileage from your game. Today, Z-Man Games has released the first of many scenarios for Pandemic. These are promising to give players an alternate play experience from Pandemic.

Available as a free download from the Z-Man Games website, Isolation is the first scenario to be released. From Z-Man Games:


The Isolation scenario will change some basic rules in the game, as well as give you a starting situation that you will have to deal with. Cubes in specific places, specific role and player cards in hand at the beginning of the game. There is also something that will change your entire way of playing the game…but we will let you discover what it is by reading the scenario!

I’ve read through the scenario and it looks like it will be a good challenge and a lot of fun. Give credit to Z-Man for helping fans of the game get a lot more for their purchase! You can download the first scenario here. I’m looking forward to seeing what future scenarios throw at the players.

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