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Oakie Doakie Dice Review

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On May 10, 2019
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Oakie Doakie Dice

Do your dice come up 1’s at the worst time? Can you count on a success at a critical moment? Are you failing simple checks? And are those basic colors making your game seem a little, well, basic?

Oakie Doakie Dice will put the adventure back in your campaign. Results not guaranteed, but when your dice look this good, who cares about loot?

Dice are rarely just component that takes care of the main mechanic in our tabletop games. We stack them. We shake them. We curse them when they fail us and bless them when they reward us.

And so few of us have a basic set we picked up cheaply. They match our nails or bags. They’re our favorite gemstone or color. We give them as gifts and buy nice ones to treat ourselves.

Oakie Doakie Dice Green

Oakie Doakie sent four sets for me to try out, so I’ll break them down by type:

Green Mardbled D6s – I generally like small d6 sets but these larger ones show the marbling well. I’m not in love with the pip color but I REALLY like that they’re are large and visible across the table. The pips are also not just printed but pressed into the dice, so the likelihood they’ll start to lose that clarity soon is almost zero. 12 come in the box, not enough for Shadowrun but if you’re still playing some old school GURPS or West End/D6 system one set will suit nicely.

Oakie Doakie Dice OrangeD20 Orange Glitter – SO Sparkly. Vibrant Numbers you can see from across the table. The D20 sparkles as you roll it, almost like a little fireball. Nicest part – the glitter is IN the dice, so no random glitter bits finding their way into your hair, books, carpet, etc. VERY light weight dice, and have a tenancy to slide on the tabletop somewhat. If you need to add some spark to your rolls and glitter to your campaign, this is your set.

D20 Ice/Blue Gemidice – These are the dice the Night Watch use on the wall – they look like thick, solid ice. Heavier than the glitter dice but similar material. Love the look of them BUT – the numerals are very difficult to see, even right on the table in front of you. Fortunately the numbers are pressed into the dice so its easy to take a pen and darken them, but if I’d seen them at the store like this I probably would have had to give them a pass due to the lack of clarity.

Oakie Doakie Dice Blue

D20 Metal Aurym – These actually started a fight in the house when I opened the box, with each of the kids vying to claim them. They’re NICE (see photo at the top). Like, luxurious nice. These are “my character’s stats are ridiculous and I will ride triumphant through the campaign like the glorious champion that I am,” dice. Heavy, really heavy – roll these carefully or use a dice tray unless you’re aiming to distress your game table. And you have to roll these! Dropping just results in a solid thunk, much like the one ring hitting the floor in Bag End. Maybe these were forged by the dwarves, they’ve certainly become the kids’ “precious”.
Also worth noting – the boxes they come in are really nice and great for carrying a couple sets around. They open like a drawer and snap shut, so no danger of having to do 36 cube hide and seek when the top pops off in your bag. Also, they’re completely clear from all sides, making it easy to figure out which set you’re grabbing off the shelf to head to your next adventure.

Overall, Oakie Doakie dice are nice, seemingly worth the value, with great colors available. Be sure to check the numbers for legibility though. However, the metal ones are SO nice – treat yourself!

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    • Hey Jenni – I’m throwing your question to Oakie Doakie. Hopefully they can pinpoint a source for you!

      • Hello Jenni,

        our Oakie Doakie Dice are available since April in the USA.
        Since we are a B2B business, we sell exclusively to retailers. Please ask your next LGS if they have our Oakie Doakie Dice already in stock.

        I hope we could help you.
        Your ODD team

  1. I am looking for an RPG 20 sided die that has a 22mm width like a spin-down die. What are the dimensions of the Oakie Doakie D20 ?

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