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Kickstarter of the Week: Novus


Novus-RulesIt appears that I am easily tempted by very well done artwork. When I was considering options for this week’s Kickstarter of the Week, I ended up being sucked in by Novus because of its amazing artwork. The visuals were such a site to behold that it made my stop and find out more (other Kickstarters should take note). Novus is a 2 player card game (they call it a “Feature Card Game” for what it’s worth) where each player takes on the role of a commander battling his troops on the planet of Muruun.

One thing I really like about Novus, other than the artwork, is that it’s not a CCG (Collectible Card Game) or a TCG (Trading Card Game). Because my impulse control needs a little bit of work, I have banned any CCGs or TCGs from my gaming library. They just become too much of a money sink as you try and get better cards from randomized booster packs. So it was a plus in my book that Novus isn’t going that route and you get everything you need to play right in the box.

From the Kickstarter page:

Novus-CardNOVUS is an exciting new Feature Card Game™ that puts you in control of a powerful Commander and one faction of the ongoing war ravaging across the planet Muruun. Step into your role as a nearly godlike Controller, and determine the fate of entire worlds as you influence Commanders, send your armies to war, and fight for precious resources.

NOVUS is medium to expert level card game, designed for two players. Everything you need to get started is in the box – there are no “chase rares” or pack randomization to worry about. Buy once, play forever!

• A deep, engaging storyline set in a fully realized universe
• Open-and-play decks designed to get you in the game swiftly.
• Jaw-dropping art style brings the NOVUS universe to life
• Fun, engaging play with intuitive rules
• Great for new players but with enough depth for established gamers

Novus has already hit its funding goal and is well on its way to unlocking a few stretch goals. A $40 pledge will get you a copy of the game and all applicable stretch goals. Novus is scheduled to be in backers hands in March of 2014 and you have until Friday, November 1st to become a backer. So head over there today if this sounds like a project you’d be interested in.

NOVUS Feature Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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