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New Year, New Changes


Game CollectionAbout six months ago I started this site with a goal in mind. To play 101 board games in 1001 days. It was a fun way to challenge myself to try and play more of the games that I love so much. Since that time, Board Game Quest has grown bigger than I expected. People read the site and seem to enjoy it. BGQ is growing, slowly, but getting bigger and better every month. At the current rate I’m going, I’ll probably be close to finishing the 101 by early 2014, way ahead of schedule. But I don’t want to stop there.

With that in mind, I think it’s officially time to evolve the nature of the site. There are a lot of games out there to be played, with new ones coming out every month. My hope is that people will read this site and be encouraged to find new games to try out. Many people out there don’t know that there are tons of great games out there that don’t end in “-opoly”. So the 101 list will no longer be the goal of this site. That’s so Board Game Quest 1.0. Who want’s to stop at 101?

Going forward, we will be a full on board game review site. So what does this mean for you, the faithful reader? Not much really. There will still be the same great content. We will still be publishing a new board game review weekly (if at all possible). However, the content of the site will be expanding. You will see more board game news. There will be buying guides, top ten lists and even some more authors. I’ve been saying we because I want to have more people write game reviews and articles. The more content, the better. I think it will be good to have some more people to provide alternative opinions and a different take on games.

So, in short, we hope you are enjoying Board Game Quest and like the content I’ve produced so far. We plan to be here for a long time providing you with great content. See you at the gaming table!

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