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New Game Releases for Gen Con 2013


GenCon New Game ReleasesOne of the highlights of going to Gen Con every year is being able to play and acquire the newest releases. Every year I spend time before the convention hunting for what each company will be releasing at the show. Many times a company will only have a limited, pre-release quantity of a game so it’s a good idea to know what the hot new releases will be ahead of time.

With that goal in mind, I’ve contacted some of the major publishers in hopes of finding out what they will be releasing at Gen Con this year. I’ll post information here as I acquire it from the publishers or other sources. I’ll update this list as I receive more information so check back frequently.

If you are a publisher and want to add your games to the list, let me know the contact page and I’ll get you added to the list.

Color Guide:
♦ Release Confirmed  |  ♦ No releases  |  ♦ No information yet

List last updated: 08/10/13

Academy Games
Confirmed Release: Freedom: The Underground Railroad will be released at Gen Con.

Arcane Wonders
Confirmed Release: Druid vs Necromancer expansion for Mage Wars
Edit: Arcane Wonders has pushed back the release of the Druid vs Necromancer expansion until Fall 2013. They will have Mage Wars Dice Towers and Arena Mats in limited quantities for sale.

Ares Games
Confirmed Release: Ares Games will be releasing the new version of Inkognito at Gen Con. They will also have demos of Sails of Glory (releasing later in August) and Galaxy Defenders (Releasing in September).

Trains Box Cover
Trains is among the 6 games begin released by Alderac this year.

Alderac Entertainment Group
Confirmed Releases: Alderac has confirmed they will be releasing Smash Up: The Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion, Maximum Throwdown, Thunderstone: Numenera, Agent Hunter, Trains, and Love Letter: Kanai Factory Limited Edition at Gen Con

Asmodee Games
Potential ReleaseSpyrium and Augustus. Asmodee is hoping to see those two on time with other titles already sold in Europe but didn’t reach USA yet.
Update 6/23/13: According to their twitter feed, Asmodee will be releasing Dungeon Twister Card Game at Gen Con.

Asmadi Games
Confirmed Release: Research uncovers that Asmadi Games will be selling Sanitarium: Foyer expansion at Gen Con. They will also be demoing Consequential and Impulse at the convention, but not selling.

Bezier Games
Confirmed Releases: Bezier Games will be selling both You Suck: A tick-taking game, and Ultimate Werewolf: Inquisition. These games were actually released at Origins but sold out in the first day. They will be for sale again at Gen Con

Also, they will be demoing the Suburbia Expansion at Gen Con and offering it for pre-order at a discount.

Czech Games
No Releases: Czech Games is not planning to release new games at Gen Con. They will target their release dates to Essen Spiel Fair.

Days of Wonder
No Releases: Days of Wonder will be demoing their newest game Relic Runners ahead of its September release. They have clarified with us that they won’t be selling it at Gen Con.

Francis Drake Box Cover
Francis Drake
by Eagle Games

Dice Hate Me Games
No Releases:: Dice Hate Me Games will not be releasing anything at Gen Con.

Eagle and Gryphon Games
Confirmed Releases:  Eagle Games has confirmed that the following games will be be released at Gen Con: Francis Drake; Wizard’s Brew; Karesansui (aka Rocks); Railways Express; Railways of North America; and Railways of Great Britain

Fantasy Flight Games
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Fireside Games
Confirmed Release: Fireside Games will have a limited number of copies of Dead Panic for sale available at Gen Con.

Floodgate Games
Confirmed Release: They will be releasing: Legacy: Forbidden Machines. This is the the first expansion to Legacy: Gears of Time. Gen Con booth #161

Flying Frog
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Game Salute
Confirmed Release: Game Salute will be releases Morels, Mage Tower, Pixel Lincoln Deck Building Game, Dungeon Heroes, Serpent Stones, and Corporate America at Gen Con.
They are also hoping to have copies of Princess Bride: Prepare to Die!, Nothing Personal, and Alien Frontiers – 4th printing depending on availability from the printer.

Golden Egg Games
Confirmed Release: They will have limited quantities of Alliances for sale at Gen Con. They will also be demoing City Council, but not selling it.  

Greater Than Games
New Releases Planned: New releases are intended, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

Confirmed Release: They will be releasing: The Phantom Society and Biblios at Gen Con. Also, they will have the newly released Titanium Wars, Mythic Battles: Expansion 1, and Innovation: Echoes of the Past (with a much needed card redesign) for sale at Gen Con.

Indie Boards and Cards
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Level 99 Games
Confirmed Release: Level 99 Games will be releasing thier game 7-Card Slugfest, Disc Duels and Pixel Tactics 2 at Gen Con. They will also be demoing BattleCON: Devastation of Indines, but not selling.

Mayfair Games
Confirmed Release: Mayfair has confirmed that The Fall of Pompeii ($35, re-release of a perennial best seller), Asgard’ s Chosen ($42, elements of deck building, area control and a geomorphic board) and Catan Scenarios: Helpers of Catan ($5, Catan expansion, simple and straight forward.) will be released at Gen Con. They also hinted to us about a surprise product, which will be announced as soon as the approval process is complete.

Hedgemonic Box Cover
Hedgemonic by Minion Games

Minion Games
Confirmed Release: Hegemonic and  Future Coins are planed to be released at Gen Con. The Manhattan Project: Second Stage expansion will be released at Origins and for sale at Gen Con.

Update: Hegemonic may slip past the convention. Minions Games’ new foam dice should be available though.

North Star Games
Confirmed Release: North Star Games will be releasing Clubs at Gen Con.

Paizo Publishing
Confirmed Releases: Paizo Publishing will be releasing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords and Munchkin: Pathfinder at Gen Con.

Plaid Hat Games
Demos Planned, Releases Sill To Be Determined: Plaid Hat Games will be showing BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, Summoner Wars Second Summoners for the Fallen Kingdom and Vanguards, and Mice and Mystics the Heart of Glorm.  Whether any of those will be for sale there or not is still up in the air.

Privateer Press
Confirmed Releases: Privateer Press will have a number of  exclusives and pre-release games, but they aren’t releasing that information until the day of the convention.

Queen Games
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Rio Grande Games
Releases Planned: New releases for Gen Con are planned, but no official announcement yet.

Slugfest Games
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Stoneblade Entertainment
Confirmed Release: Ascension: Darkness Unleashed will be available in limited quantities at Gen Con.

Stronghold Games:
Confirmed Release: Time ‘n’ Space, Vampire EmpireVöluspá will be released at Origins and should be for sale at Gen Con. Revolver 1.3: Vengeance On The Frontier, Revolver 1.4: The  Tarnished Star,  Revolver 1.5: Death Rides A Horse, Space Cadets: Dice Duel will be released at Gen Con

Dungeon Roll Box
Dungeon Roll
by Tasty Minstrel Games

Smirk and Dagger Games 
Confirmed Release: Smirk and Dagger Games are planning on releaing their push-your-luck, pirate dice game Dread Curse at Gen Con. They will also have full support of their other products including events and tourneys.

Tasty Minstrel Games
Confirmed Release: Tasty Minstrel Games are scheduled to release Dungeon Roll in time for GenCon. They will also release Rialto and Village Expansion: Village Inn shortly before Gen Con.

Upper Deck
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Wizards of the Coast
No Information: Still waiting for a response to our inquiry.

Star Trek: Attack Wing
Star Trek: Attack Wing
by WizKids

Confirmed Release: WizKids are planning on releasing Star Trek: Attack Wing and 8 Fleet Expansion Packs at Gen Con. More info here.

Z-Man Games
Confirmed Release: Z-Man will be releasing: Pandemic In The Lab, Robinson Crusoe, Neuroshima Hex 3.0, Bruges, Parade, Black Spy, and Zooloretto Dice Game at Gen Con.

We’ve also been told that they will also have a Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Tournament, with the grand prize being a 1 Year supply of Z-Man Games (all releases from September 2013 to GenCon 2014). There will be a Carcassonne Tournament, with the grand prize of a trip to Essen for the World Championships. And finally, there will be a Pandemic Challenge (whatever that means).




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  1. How is North Star Games releasing Clubs at Gen Con? It was already released earlier this year. You can buy it now.

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