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Knot Dice and Knot Dice Squared Review

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On Feb 27, 2023
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We review Knot Dice & Knot Dice Squared, a puzzly game published by Black Oak Games. Knot Dice & Knot Dice Squared featured beautiful dice and different puzzles to make using them.

Knot DiceAre you a fan of Celtic art? Do you enjoy puzzles and board games? If so, you will love playing Knot Dice and Knot Dice Squared! They combine classic Celtic knot art, strategic dice rolling, and numerous games and puzzles. You will create unique Celtic knot designs with these beautiful dice. Multiple games challenge your problem-solving skills while providing a creative outlet for your artistic side.

In Knot Dice, eight game designers have created twelve games and seven types of puzzles. And Knot Dice Squared brings Elizabeth Hargrave from Wingspan onboard to expand the original with some refreshing changes and two brand-new games.

Most games are made for one to three players, with many extendable to up to six if you have expansions and enough dice. Knot Dice is recommended for ages 8+, and its various games provide matches that range from 15 to 30 minutes.

This article covers the Knot Dice core base game, and the Knot Dice Squared expansion.

Gameplay Overview

Knot Dice is full of games, puzzles, and art. It is incredibly compact and fits in one box. There are 18 custom oversized dice with Celtic knot design elements that can be connected to play 12 games and dozens of puzzles.

Knot Dice Gameplay
It is sheer bliss to complete a Celtic Knot Dice

Knot Dice Squared brings even more variety to Knot Dice and allows you to accommodate more players. In Knot Dice Squared, 26 oversized dice of 3 redesigned types are added to the original game. There are dozens of puzzles, two new Knot Dice game variants, and changes to all the original games. It is worthwhile mentioning that Elizabeth Hargrave, designer of Wingspan, co-designed ‘Hedgerous”, a unique competitive Knot Dice game exclusive to Knot Dice Squared. In addition, there are also four updated wooden tokens to increase the player count to six in some games.

In Knot Dice, players will be challenged by their creativity as they attempt to craft intricate Celtic knot patterns from basic shapes. Roll dice to create unique designs in the style of Celtic knotwork. Typically, after rolling the dice, players must arrange them on the board according to each game’s specific rules to complete a valid knot pattern. Different games can range in complexity. There are three difficulty levels; low, medium, and hard; so everyone can enjoy the game regardless of their skill level. In most games, players score points by creating “complete patterns” within a given ruleset and objectives.

Knot Dice Cubes
Knot Dice and it’s sibling Knot Dice Squared

Game Experience

In most Knot Dice games, exciting gameplay mechanics involve dice rolling and tile placement (or dice placement, to be precise). It reminds me of roll & write games such as Railroad Ink Challenge; however, you will be playing with actual physical dice. Playing with these gorgeous and sturdy oversized dice is a pleasure, which gives the game a pleasant tactile feel. As a result of its unique style, design, and aesthetics, Knot Dice is a remarkable game when it comes to production values; the dice are exceptional, have superb quality, and have outstanding & exquisite artwork.

Knot Dice Tokens
Knot Dice Tokens

Having a passion for both puzzles and art, I was eager to try Knot Dice, and it delivered the right amount of challenge for me. It was challenging without being too difficult or complicated. Most Knot Dice games are simple and intuitive to play. Knot Dice features flexibility regarding how much time players have to complete their patterns; this allows players to play at their own pace without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Additionally, there are enough variations in difficulty that even experienced players will find something new each time they play. Knot Dice Games offer an enjoyable experience for all ages and skill levels.

Knot Dice is easy to learn but hard to master. It requires strategy, logic, luck, and creativity, as players must think of multiple ways to arrange their dice into Celtic knots. The game can be adjusted for different skill levels, from rolling fewer dice as a newbie. At the same time, more experienced players might be comfortable choosing games that require rolling many dice for a more significant challenge.

Knot Dice Books
A plethora of puzzles and games for endless hours of fun!

With so many different “Knot Dice” games and puzzles, each provides hours of entertainment. No two gaming sessions are ever alike; each session offers unique challenges and opportunities for creative exploration. Replay value is practically endless, and player interaction is thrilling, whether in cooperative or competitive modes.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend Knot Dice and Knot Dice Square to anyone who loves Celtic art or is seeking a fun way to spend time with family, friends, or even alone. It’s easy to learn, while its strategic gameplay encourages creativity without being too complicated or overwhelming. Yet, it provides enough complexity and challenge so that more experienced players won’t get bored. If you want to spark your imagination, grab your dice and start designing those beautiful Celtic knots!

Final Score: 4 Stars – Gorgeous, diverse, and delightful to play. Whether you are a fan of Celtic knot art or just love board games, Knot Dice will surely provide hours of entertainment!

4 StarsHits:
• Lite abstract game with deep strategy.
• Numerous games and puzzles provide endless replay value.
• Excellent filler and gateway game.

• This is a strategic abstract game that may not appeal to hardcore gamers.
• Building the entire collection can be expensive, with multiple design choices and expansions.

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