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Kickstarter of the Week: Dragon’s Ransom


Dragons RansomDungeon Crawlers are nothing new to tabletop gaming. From the decades old Dungeons and Dragons RPG, to Descent by FFG, players have been slaying monsters in dungeons for a very long time. Our newest Kickstarter of the Week seeks to turn that on its head with Dragon’s Ransom – A Reverse Dungeon Crawl Game. In this card game, players control waves of monstrous minions trying to take out the attacking heroes.

From The Kickstarter Page:

Dragons Ransom KSIn Dragon’s Ransom you will play minion cards to build up waves of minions to attack the heroes. Once your chain is strong enough, play an Attack! card to inflict wounds. But be careful, the heroes will fight back with devastating attacks. Do you spend your turns building a powerful chain of minions at the risk of having your ranks cut down by the Barbarian’s Grand Cleave? Or attack swiftly with smaller combinations to counter the Wizard’s timely spell casting. The strategy of Dragon’s Ransom lies in balancing the strength and synergy of chains versus the frequency and predictability of Hero attacks.

An average game of Dragon’s Ransom lasts between 30 – 60 minutes.

I’m always intrigued by games that turn traditional concepts on their head. I look forward to checking this one out someday. If you’d like to become a backer, a $25 pledge will get you a copy of Dragon’s Ransom and all stretch goals. The game is scheduled to be in backers hands in March of 2015 and you have until Saturday, November 8th to become a backer. So head over today and check it out.
Dragon's Ransom - A Reverse Dungeon Crawl Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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