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Kickstarter of the Week – Incursion


Incursion KickstarterThink World War 2 ended back in 1945? Guess again. It’s 1949 and WW2 is still raging on as the German’s Special Weapons Division unleashes all kinds of unimaginable horrors. Can your allied forces fight back the advances of the Sturmzombies? Only time will tell.

That’s the premise behind our newest Kickstarter of the Week: Incursion. Set in an alternate reality, Incursion is a 2 player combat and miniatures game that pits each player against each other in a scenario based fight. Incursion actually came out in 2009, but has recently hit Kickstarter to give it the full, high quality treatment they wanted for it’s original publication run.

Incursion Kickstarter
A lot of high quality components come with Incursion.

From the Kickstarter page:

Armored troopers of the US Lucky 7th hurtle through an underground bunker combating the monstrous forces of the German SWD (Special Weapons Development) in a furious race against time. The Doomsday Device is ticking and neither the Allies nor the Axis can fail. The mechanics of this two player game are simple to grasp allowing players to instantly focus on their tactical options. Players choose their forces for each mission through a card-based Requisition Point system making every game totally unique.

The game play has been described as being inspired by the game Space Hulk and the components on the kickstarter page look very well done. The game has already passed it’s $75,000 funding goal and the campaign has already hit an number of stretch goals. If you are interested in becoming a backer, a $100 pledge will get you a copy of the base game and any applicable stretch rewards. You have until Friday, August 30th, so head over there today if you are interested in becoming a backer.
Incursion -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. This game is just fantastic. I’ve played several games with a friend and am desperate, I mean really desperate for a copy. The amazing miniatures are the icing on a big fat zombie pie cake. There is a gameplay video on the kickstarter page..

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