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Fantasy Fight Games Moves its Miniatures Lines to Atomic Mass Games


Fantasy Flight Games

Veteran board game publisher Fantasy Flight Games announced today that it’s spinning off its miniatures line of games to Atomic Mass Games. This includes the development of their incredibly popular Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Legion miniature games. Atomic Mass Games is best (and only) know for its work on the tactical minis game Marvel Crisis Protocol.

From their press release:
“In a strategic reorganization of its Star Wars miniatures titles, Asmodee is announcing today that oversight of its three Star Wars miniatures titles will be moving to their dedicated miniatures games studio, Atomic Mass Games.

Development of all future miniatures games will be handled by Atomic Mass as well. The move to a specialty studio positions Asmodee’s miniatures titles for even greater success in the future.”

As far as what will happen to the employees of Fantasy Flights’ miniature division, only a few names were mentioned.

“Simone Elliott, who has shepherded Fantasy Flight’s relationship with Lucasfilm Licensing since 2015, will lead Atomic Mass Games during this time of expansion as Head of Studio. Will Shick assumes primary creative oversight as Head of Product Development. Joining them will be key members of the teams involved in the creation and evolution of Fantasy Flight’s current Star Wars miniatures games, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, and Star Wars Armada.”

Speculation online (reddit thread) suggests that Fantasy Flight Games has laid off a number of employees corresponding to this move. Although BGQ hasn’t received any corroboration on those reports. We’ll update this article if more information becomes available.

Fantasy Flight Games has been shrinking of late, with their card sleeve line going the way of dodo in favor of owner Asmodee’s Gamegenic line of sleeves. The company also shut down its interactive division earlier this year and reduced the headcount of its RPG division.

You can read the full press release here.


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