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Dungeon Roll on Kickstarter


Dungeon Roll on KickstarterLaunching on Kickstarter this week is the newest game from the creative minds at Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG). TMG is well known for producing high quality games and already have many hit titles on the market: Eminent Domain, Ground Floor, Martian Dice, and Village to name a few. Their newest offering, Dungeon Roll, is a “Dicey Dungeon Delve” that has the players taking on the rolls of iconic heroes trying to slay monsters and collect treasure. Dungeon Roll is a light, press-your-luck style of game that should be familiar to anyone who enjoys a good dice roller (Martian Dice, Zombie Dice).
The game play for Dungeon Roll looks pretty fun and easy to learn too. From their Kickstarter page: In Dungeon Roll, you become a hero and roll up your companions. With your party assembled, you start on the first level of the dungeon by rolling three Dungeon Dice. You have decisions to make, enemies to vanquish, and more glory to seek. By using your companions, reviving party members with potions, and using your Hero’s ultimate power, you might get deep enough to accumulate a Dragon’s horde of treasure.

Dungeon-Roll-GameI do have to give props to TMG for putting together a fantastic Kickstarter campaign. They’ve avoided many of the annoying pitfalls that have been creeping into Kickstarter campaigns lately (see my post on Compound’s kickstarter for more on that). Their backer levels are simple and cleanly laid out. For $15 (with higher levels for Canadian and oversea backers) you get a copy of the game and any stretch rewards that are reached. I always love to back good games that have campaigns that don’t try and squeeze every last nickel out of their backers. So kudos to TMG on that.

So head over to Kickstarter today and check out Dungeon Roll.


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