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DreamEscape Giveaway


DreamEscapeOver the past few years, solo gaming has exploded in popularity, and with good reason. It’s a great way to get in some tabletop gaming when you don’t have your gaming buddies around. Recently, publisher BadCat Games has launched its crowdfunding campaign for its new solo game DreamEscape.

DreamEscape is billed as a narrative exploration game driven by story card encounters. Each encounter offers roleplay-like choices that drive the game in divergent directions so the game evolves differently each time you play. Repeated play rewards your play experience as you will uncover different parts of the story puzzle. The chances of success are based on your skills, equipment, and lore you have gained so far, your memory of previous games guiding you towards success!

If that sounds interesting to you, then be sure to check out their Gamefound campaign that’s wrapping up shortly. Pledges start at £56 for this beautifully illustrated game, and it has already blown past its funding goal.

And as a bonus, thanks to the generosity of BadCat Games, they are offing a Deluxe pledge to one lucky reader. The Deluxe Edition pledge includes the Base game, first 2 Realm boxes, wooden token upgrade set, resin Elder rune upgrade set, and all (ES+DX) unlocks and stretch goals. As always, entering to win is easy, just use the widget below.

You have until Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 to enter, with the winner being announced shortly after that. Good luck!

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