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Chip Theory Games Next Game is…


The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era! Well, this isn’t really a new announcement as it was teased by Chip Theory Games months ago, but what is new is that their preview page is live on Gamefound!

Elder Scrolls gameplay is influenced by Too Many Bones which, for this gamer, is GREAT news as I love Too Many Bones. CTG is taking the lessons learned in making Too Many Bones, both what works and what was not so great, tweaking it and applying it to the much-beloved IP. Similar to Too Many Bones, it is cooperative and will support one to four players.

The Core Box will have content tied to the Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, High Rock, Morrowind, and Skyrim regions. The page mentions seamless integration of Valenwood (perhaps this will be stretch goals?) as well as work that has already begun on future content set in Hammerfell and Summerset.

There will be a region map (it looks like you will place different neoprene maps next to each other to form the region) that players will explore, leading to encounters in towns, the open road, or dark forests. There will be two types of combat encounters, clashes (where you know what enemies you will face) and delves (where… you will not).

Elder Scrolls

But what had me most excited was the player mats. It appears that there is a main mat for your stats, with a mat on the left for your race and a mat on your right for your class. This would mean that you could combine any race and class you want. This is the type of open-ended customization I love! (Please note that this is me guessing from one pic on a preview page that clearly states “Components Not Final” next to it – this may not be how player mats work at all.)

Finally, the campaign is expected to go live in March 2023. I cannot wait for more news as the campaign approaches!

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