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Lords of Waterdeep iPad Review

2012 was such a great year for board games that when we compiled the list for the top five games of the year, we...
Wits and Wagers Feature

Wits & Wagers iPad Review

While visiting a family friend years ago we were talking about some random topic, not sure what it was, but he was able to...

Pandemic iPad Review

Pandemic is one of the best co-op games out on the market today. The accessibility and amount of fun players have playing it, despite...

Can’t Stop iPad Review

There are times after a long day that I want to come home and just play something simple on my iPad. Just a game...

A Brief History of the World iPad Review

When I was in high school, I enjoyed history classes. I liked looking through history and examining the rise and fall of empires from...

Settlers of Catan iPad Review

There is no hiding my adoration for Settlers of Catan (full tabletop review here). It was the game that started my board game life...
Ticket to Ride iPad Feature

Ticket to Ride iPad Review

Welcome to a brand new segment at Board Game Quest. In these segments, we delve into the digital world and look board games on...



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