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Imperial Settlers We Didn't Start The Fire

Imperial Settlers: We Didn’t Start The Fire Expansion Review

It is established fact that we here at BGQ enjoy ourselves a game of Imperial Settlers every now and again. Between the elegance of...

Gearworks Review

Stumbling through your workshop you come across a few spare parts. You throw a couple of gears in there, presumably weld some things together,...
Zombie Kidz Box

Zombie Kidz Review

It's not a stretch to say that the zombie craze has taken the entertainment world by storm lately. From video games to TV shows...
Pixel Tactics 2

Pixel Tactics 2 Review

A while ago we reviewed the 2 player card game Pixel Tactics from Level 99 Games. This tactical card game has players quickly building...

Hoyuk review

Tile placement is a fairly common (and fairly popular) mechanic in modern board games. It's a simple-to-grasp concept, and in the right game can...
Knuckling Knights

Knuckling Knights Review

One element of gaming that I think is often overlooked is the different sounds that are produced. Classic sounds like shuffling cards, placing game...
Golden Sails

The Golden Sails Review

If gamers aren’t familiar with set collection, they should throw a rock in a game store sometime. Chances are, unless they’re in the Avalon...



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