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BGQ On Twitch!


With pandemic times upon us we’ve been playing a lot more games remotely than ever before. And since we love interacting with folks, we’ve decided to fire up some Twitch streaming.

7 WondersOur schedule is still a work in progress, but we plan to at least stream at least every Monday evening at 8pm Central time. We will have additional streams pop up for sure and will announce them as we can. Be sure to follow us on Twitch and Twitter for the most up to date streaming schedule.

This week our plans include:

Monday, July 27th at 8pm CDT– Tony, Andrew, Michelle, Tas, and Tyler will be playing Rallyman GT live! Come watch us drive like maniacs and try to avoid crashing into things.

Wednesday, July 29th 7pm CDT – Dylan and Andrew will start working our way through some of the best abstract games from their Top 10 Abstract Strategy Board Games List.

To be notified anytime we are playing live, visit our Twitch page (or click the ridiculously large button below) and click “Follow” (and the bell icon). We would love to have you drop in and say hello!

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Andrew enjoys games with lots of brain-burning decisions and unique themes. Heavy euros tend to dominate his game nights.

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