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3D Puzzles Giveaway


Puzzle Giveaway

Dino PuzzleThe past year has brought a lot of changes to gamers around the world, one of which was how do you entertain yourself when your gaming group can’t get together? One way we found was solo gaming. Many gamers discovered the joy of playing a board game without any other players and there are actually a lot of great options.

But another route many people rediscovered was putting together a puzzle. My FLGS stocked up with all kinds of jigsaw puzzles for people to help pass the time at home. I’ve also found that it’s always better when a puzzle decides to do something other than just be a static picture to assemble.

Space PuzzleWhich brings us to today’s giveaway. We’ve partnered up with Cloudberries to giveaway 2 different 3D puzzles. That’s right, these two puzzles are created in glorious 3D and even come with a set of stereoscopic glasses to wear. The first offering is a 500 piece dinosaur puzzle, while the second freebie is a 500 piece space-themed puzzle.

As usual, entering to win is easy. Just use the widget below and you got a chance. Of course, there are also a few ways to earn bonus entries as well for those interested.

You have until Saturday, June 19 to enter, with the winners being announced shortly after that. Good luck!

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  1. Would love to win this since I’m not able to do much anymore. Walkigmng and working just isn’t happening anymore, as my MS is making being mobile difficult…

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