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  1. Troy Garcia
    Troy Garcia at |

    While the minis are beautifully crafted, they do have delicate parts and I would not recommended for younger player known to be heavy handed.

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    comparable to most mini games out there, X-wing is probably one of the cheapest if not THE cheapest quality miniatures game to get into

    so it is only expensive as you make it out to be. If you want all the options for 100pts for both factions, (4 X-wings, 4 Y-wings, 5 A-wings, 2 YT-1300’s, 3 Firesprays, 5 Tie Interceptors, 4 Tie Avanced and 8 Tie Fighters) then yes you are looking to be hitting around the $600 mark.. but that can be spread out over time..

    comparing it to Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes miniatures game in terms of costs; you can spend well over $1000 on the figures, only have half of everything for a SINGLE faction and still have to put everything together and paint them yourself

    this game is very well priced and i also highly recommend it to anyone even thinking about purchasing it.. assuming you can find it of course!!! as Fantasy Flight Games made such a huge hit of this game that they can’t keep it on store shelves for long and are having trouble keeping up with the demand

    all in all though, Great review!

    the only con i have about the game is that movement templates only come in a starter box (they are not sold separately) and they are only cardboard, so they are easily susceptible to damage that resorts in bending or water damage that would warp them; though thankfully nothing has happened to mine yet

    if they ever release an official plastic version that are playable in tournaments i would be sure to pick them up (there are unofficial plastic templates available if you do a quick search, but they are currently not permitted in sanctioned events)

  3. Kaleb
    Kaleb at |

    Where did you get that mat?

  4. GuyFawkes
    GuyFawkes at |

    “They did such a good job recreating these ships, I could see someone collecting them to put on display.” Are you kidding me? My 8 year old son can better paint his tank models. You must have really low standards. I mean, c’mon! The X-Wings painting is really awful. Tie Fighters are not too well painted either. Maybe physically they models are quite accurate but the paint job of some of these models is really bad.

  5. Jeremy Van Hecke
    Jeremy Van Hecke at |

    Great review! This convinced me to throw down a bit of cash, and I’m now hooked! Just a question regarding the mat! Did you purchase the Paper or Vinyl one? It looks like the gloss paper in the pictures. Is it durable? How easy to store? Thank you!


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