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Fishing Party

Fishing Party Review

Fishing has always been a part of my family’s life. Fishing was an activity we did either at a local lake or at my...

Dragoon Review

Dragons are easily one of the most iconic creatures from the fantasy genre. Heck, they are even 50% of the name of the most...

Deadline Review

If there is a genre of movies that I would love to skyrocket back into the limelight, it has to be the film noir...
7 Wonders: Duel

7 Wonders: Duel Review

Two player situations are notorious. Designers can hate the dynamic, or they can embrace it. When a game is intended for multiple players, often...
Pixel Tactics

Pixel Tactics Review

Having pixelated units battle each other is nothing new. I remember spending many hours commanding my units in old Nintendo games such as Conflict,...

CV Review

"CV" means curriculum vitae, your resume. When you look back at the many paths your life has taken, you can’t help but wonder how...
Kings of Artifice Box Cover

Kings of Artifice Review

Explore. Build. Conquer. Rule. Those are the words to live by in the new kingdom building game, Kings of Artifice. Players take on the...



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